About Beth

About Beth

Beth Hickman is basically a self-taught artist.  She has taken a series of life drawing and painting classes in the Dallas area. Her interest now and throughout her painting career has been reflections, reflections in water, in silver, in mirror, in glass, anything that has a reflective surface. Her medium is mainly oil and many times she will apply silver or gold leaf, metals, jewels and shimmering decorative fibers. She has always chosen her subject matter with a strong emotional attachment with the love of beauty in the world around her! 

Her use of color is the strongest element in her work! She has an innate sense of color.  Her palettes are breathtaking and her control of color is magnificent! She usually has five or six palettes mixed as she starts each new painting, so the perfect hue will be just at her fingertips! And often these paintings are life size and almost always large scale, if not over scale sizes.  And with all her technical skill, she does the ultimate, she creates excitement!

How Beth Paints

My surroundings are the inspiration for my paintings! Sometimes it’s outside with nature and other times it’s in my own home. Very early in my career, I started having an interest in reflections. It started even before I started painting. My husband and I were sailing with friends and I became so fascinated with the reflections of the boats in the harbor ! I continued to think about those images throughout the years. And when I started painting I looked for anything with a reflective surface, water, silver, glass, mirror or whatever interested me. Then I would get my camera out to catch the moment. Then I would go into my studio to edit the composition.

My work is very detailed so I usually have five or six pallets of paint mixed so I have many colors to choose from. I start by drawing the images on with pencil, then on to paint, using no other medium such as turpentine or oil, just oil paint! I often stretch my own canvases on linen, very fine for people and courser for still life or landscape. My works are large scale, often larger than life! I BELIEVE MY PALETTE IS MY UNIFYING ELEMENT IN ALL MY PAINTINGS!


Irving Art Center Animal & Wildlife Exhibition
First Place

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery – SeaScapes Art Competition
Special Recognition

Fusion.Art – Colors of Fall Exibition
Best in Show

Fort Worth Community Arts Center – TJAA Membership Exhibit – Distinguished Juror, Kenneth Craighead
Best in Show